Welcome to the online home of Paper Plain Media.

We are a graphic design studio who is passionate about marketing and aiding to grow your business and brand identity through various print and electronic elements. Paper Plain Media believes that the best ideas start on a blank piece of paper. We are therefore up to any challenge and no job is too big or too small. Nothing is too insignificant for us to design. Paper Plain media strives to push the envelope and to constantly find innovative ideas to promote any form of business.

Creativity is our business. This makes us enthusiastic about just about anything. We design and establish corporate identities and branding strategies for start-up businesses. Already have all the basic branding sorted out and want to stretch your wings when it comes to your business’ marketing? No problem, we love to give any concepts wings. Does your current corporate identity reflect the values that you want to portray for your business? If not, we are fervent about revamping your branding and giving it a brand new make-over!

When it comes to marketing, every company is unique, and therefore your graphic design needs are unique. Paper Plain believes in treating every client as an individual and finding out what your specific needs are, whether you are a small one-man-band company or a large corporate. Differentiating your business from its competitors is imperative.

Giving your business a public presence and personality is what we do. Whether it is through business cards, logo development, corporate identity, website, posters, flyers, electronic campaigns, billboards, press ads, publications, annual reports, letterheads, packaging, events, awards, PowerPoint presentations, PR, copy writing, newsletter, complimentary slips, prescription pads, writing pads, branded corporate gifts, corporate clothing, street pole ads or anything else you can think of. If you can dream it, we can put it on paper, or screen or whatever media is required.